We can do anything, from fixing a fallen fence to building one from scratch.  Need custom built-in book cases?  Renewed kitchen cabinets?  Installation of interior doors?  How about a door that doesn't close right? 

If it involves wood, we can fix it or make a new one. 



Do you hate tedium?  We can help.  Consider the assembly of desks, installation of shelving, or perfectly hanging pictures, a job for us.  Have an item that you bought at a popular Swedish store and can't figure it out?

Let us do it for you. We'll leave the meatballs to you.  



Drywall typically takes two to three visits but when we're done, you won't even know we've been there.  If you'd like, we can match existing paint or primer it for later painting.

We can put up several sheets of drywall or fix a hole without even asking how it got there.


Have an outlet that pops or a light switch that doesn't work?  We can fix it.  Worried about falling or throwing out your back just to update a light fixture or ceiling fan?  Don't.  It is routine for us and nothing to worry about. 

Heck, while we're at it, we can change hard-to-reach lightbulbs and smoke detector batteries.     


Have a leak under your sink or a leaky faucet?  Want to replace that gold faucet from the 1970's? We can help. Have tree roots that stop up your main sewer line every 6 months?  No problem. 

In addition to tracking down nuisances and upgrading your bath or kitchen fixtures, we offer annual and semi-annual sewer line maintenance contracts.


Property Maintenance

Does your North Shore rental property seem more like a headache than a love affair?  Let us relieve your tension so you can focus on more important things.  If something breaks, leaks or cracks, we can be your first-response - and resolution.

Let's talk about your needs and the details of our project, emergency, on-call, and maintenance service agreements.




Need a room or hallway painted?  How about that bathroom with the drab color you've hated for years.  Don't live like that, let us paint it for you. We can paint anything from one room to an entire interior. 

You name it - we paint it.


Thanks for looking at our services.  This is just a smattering of what our team can do for you. We specialize in landing on your job site ready to listen, work hard and get the job done. 

Ready to make the call?  We hope to talk to you soon and learn more about how DoctorHandyman.NET can provide precision care for your North Shore home.